What is the Prize?

In 2015 Stuart Pilkington set up The Pilkington Prize, an annual photography competition, with a pledge to all prospective entrants that the entry fee will always remain low at £10 but that the value of the prizes will increase year in, year out.

The competition is intended to work against the natural order of things, i.e. the law of diminishing returns. It is also designed to be fun and to connect the online community.

The 2015 Competition

The 2015 'PP' competition is a landscape competition called '100 Mile Radius'. It is open to any amateur or professional photographer around the globe. Please click on the logo below to find out more and how to enter:

"White Sands National Monument" © Jesse Chehak

"To understand the word landscape within photographic practice I personally need to see the word as a description of what surrounds us. For me landscape photography should not be seen only as a view created from a pre-defined genre specific distance. It should be a reflection, a documentation of the landscape of our environment, immediate or distanced, urban or rural, populated or unpopulated. By adopting this understanding I feel that as a genre, landscape photography can be evolved, expanded, redefined and explored with a new eye and a sense of visual experimentation."

Grant Scott (judge on the 100 Mile Radius competition)